Private Gun Ownership and Resistance

There was an interesting question posted on /r/history yesterday.After a lot of answers deviating from history and moving the threads to political topics - the mods locked it down and gutted it.

In the process, they removed an interesting post.

It depends on the aggression of the occupiers.

For example the Nazis would simply destroy entire villages in response to assassinations. This would force resistance movements to stop targeting officers, focus on sabotage or stop altogether.

You saw the same thing with the Mongols and occupied territories.

If you look at the US, resistance groups are effective against them because they operate with a hearts and minds policy. They have a hundred times the capability of the Nazis and could wipe out Iraq or Afghanistan in a matter of months.

In reality if someone like Nazi Germany or China with today’s tech were to invade the US they would simply kill most of the population at long distance and replace them with their own citizens. Small firearms and resistance groups would be no match for them. They could kill you and you would never even see them

Just preserving this point here.

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Written on December 14, 2019