Lifetime of Airpods

I’ve been using my Airpods for a few months now. Although I’ve not seen any degradation of battery life so far, it is inevitable. I can only hope that they last long enough for them to be worth their price.

Its one of the best Bluetooth earphones I’ve used. My larger Sennheiser cups might be better with a comfortable over-ear setup and noise cancellation, but its large and cumbersome. My Airpods fit neatly in my pockets. I can carry them anywhere and using them involves no hassle of untangling wires and messing with buttons.

But as with any device with batteries, it will die one day, probably sooner than I’d like.

The battery can no longer hold a charge, they say, rendering them functionally useless. Apple bloggers agree: “AirPods are starting to show their age for early adopters,” Zac Hall, an editor at 9to5Mac, wrote in a post in January, detailing how he frequently hears a low-battery warning in his AirPods now. Earlier this month, Apple Insider tested a pair of AirPods purchased in 2016 against a pair from 2018, and found that the older pair died after two hours and 16 minutes. “That’s less than half the stated battery life for a new pair,” the writer William Gallagher concluded.

Your AirPods Will Die Soon

Written on March 22, 2019