Logs have become a liability

Something I agree with.

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The author touches on the cargo cult belief that data has inherent value, so collect all of it, hire a data scientist or ML expert and point them at it, and watch the value flow!   Seems to come from the same place as the belief that the Cloud magically makes everything resilient and scalable without any extra effort on your part. Just put it in the cloud, and then give your CTO a bonus for suggesting the cloud, and suddenly you don’t need to worry about sysops.   Don’t get me wrong, “log all the things” is a good place to start when you need to figure out what’s actually worth logging - but it needs to be followed by a rigorous prune.   Otherwise your data-lake turns into a data-swamp, you collate a lot of noise that makes it harder to find signals, and people eventually end up spending a lot of time trying to figure out what’s actually used, if any, when Hadoop gets full or the S3 bill gets too high.

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Written on October 9, 2019