"Smart" rubbish

I really don’t like “smart” IoT products. As a self-professed tech-enthusiast, people are often surprised by that. There’s simply too much at risk and too much bullshit there for me to trust such devices to work as expected.

No guns or lockpicks needed to nick modern cars if they’re fitted with hackable ‘smart’ alarms

Honeywell’s server outage leaves people out in the cold (or heat)

“Smart” devices leaves too much in control of third-party entities (often incompetent or shady). Devices you buy could suddenly stop working when the company goes bankrupt (as many IoT startups do). Companies could use it to gather data and monetise it. Companies could just turn out to be incompetent and leave a glaring vulnerability unpatched. Is it possible that your “smart” device contains an undisclosed microphone?

Written on March 10, 2019