Notepad++ drops code signing

With version 7.6.4 - Notepad++ no longer performs any code signing.

3 years ago DigiCert donated a 3 years code signing certificate to the project, and every good thing has its end, the certificate has been expired since the beginning of this year.

I wasted hours and hours for getting one suitable certificate instead of working on essential thing - Notepad++ project. I realize that code signing certificate is just an overpriced masturbating toy of FOSS authors - Notepad++ has done without certificate for more than 10 years, I don’t see why I should add the dependency now (and be an accomplice of this overpricing industry). I decide to do without it.

I really don’t get the need to waste money on certs for PC software. I think this was a pretty good decision to focus on the actual project (which is something I’ve used for more than a decade now.) than on wasteful certs. Looking at the pricing for code signing simply boggles the mind.

Notepad++ 7.6.4 released

Written on March 7, 2019