Spotify in India

Spotify was recently launched in India. I’ve been using Apple Music for about a year now. Google Play Music for a year before that.

I signed up to Spotify to try it out, and I was immediately disappointed. A lot of music that I wanted to listen to - simply wasn’t available. This is probably because of their ongoing legal kerfuffle with Warner Music.

Despite this initial disappointment, I’ve grown to love the experience. Spotify Connect seems so intuitive and just works. Its a real shame that Apple Music does not support such a feature. Handoff for music would be lovely. Apple needs to get rid of iTunes. It still feels like an application from the early 2000s. iTunes just does too much and too poorly.

iTunes needs to be 2 applications; one to deal with backup, restore and sync and one to deal with media (buying, streaming and library management).

The experience of switching from the Music app on iOS and iTunes (on Mac or PC) should be as seamless as switching between Spotify on desktop and the Spotify app on mobile.

As I’m in a complain-ey mood, I might as well say that Spotify discovery is so much better than the experience on Apple Music.

However, as it stands today - Apple Music is a subpar experience. And that’s why I’m primarily using Spotify, atleast until I feel like listening to Fleetwood Mac. Which Spotify doesn’t have in its library in India.

Update (16 Oct 2019): I’ve now switched back to Apple Music. The issues with the Spotify library necessitated this move back. While I will miss Spotify’s playlists - Apple has finally added a Dark mode. Yay - I suppose.

Spotify adds 1 million unique listeners in India in less than a week

Written on March 6, 2019