What is this site?

This is a pseudo-anonymous blog, to act as a replacement for my social media.

Instead of shouting into the void on a platform that spies on me, I am choosing to shout into the void of the internet via this site.

This is a site for me to dump my thoughts. This is a place for me to share posts that I find interesting.

And if I ever write anything interesting - to share that as well.

It’s a mix of a public notebook, a journal and a blog.

I’m not really writing on this site with anything in mind. Just anything that I don’t necessarily want on my IRL identity - nothing malicious, but I like to maintain a gap between the two identities. See Context Collapse.

I’m never really sure about the political alignment of people around me - I’m not very good at judging that. hence I avoid talking about that IRL - but this identity, I’ve tried to separate as much as possible from my real life.